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Experienced Office & Commercial Cleaning Services

As a high quality Leeds contract cleaning company with a personal approach. Our highly trained and hand-selected cleaning team ensure that your facilities are maintained and kept spotless and presentable every day.

If you want to book our hassle-free office cleaning solution, then all you have to do is give us a call and let us know how frequently you would need your facilities cleaned. Daily, weekly or bi-weekly? We’ll send one of our specialist cleaners to your premises and they’ll see to it that the premises is always clean and fresh!

Experienced Contract Office & Commercial Cleaners

Our staff focus on attaining and keeping up the highest standards of cleanliness within your work environment ensuring a clean and fresh premises for both guests and personnel. Our objective is to make sure all of our customers enjoy a well-kept working environment. That makes it possible for you to prioritise your own core business and not have to think about the cleanliness of your premises.

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Contract Cleaning Solutions Customised For Every Customer’s Requirements

Leeds Cleaning Company offer a range of contract cleaning services in Leeds and throughout the West Yorkshire area. Our large variety of contract cleaning solutions extends throughout numerous sectors including retail, industrial, commercial and workplace structures within the public and private sector.

We understand that each customer’s cleaning needs are as different as their service; that is why we offer extensive contract cleaning options that are custom-made according to each individual customer’s specific needs, no matter if you’re a small business or a multi-site retail company..

Clean properties make a substantial difference to the general health and well being of staff and a clean and enjoyable work environment also helps to increase morale and reduce staff absence.

We offer excellent versatility in regards to working hours and patterns we can work beyond normal working hours to reduce any disruption to your hours of operation or our cleaners can work along with your staff without disrupting them. With our professional and quality service, cleaning can quickly end up being part of your day-to-day routine.

We actively seek feedback from our customers and carry out random spot checks to make sure that our team are doing their job to the quality that we intend to continue to be known for.

Experienced Contract Office & Commercial Cleaners

Our cleaners are in suitable uniform at all times so that they are quickly identifiable by you, your staff and any visitors. This also adds to the professional image of your company. They are always punctual and professional and carry out their duties to the greatest possible standard. They work to keep the reputation of our customers. We proactively monitor client fulfilment.

Our company is dedicated to the ongoing training and development of our team, ensuring that each one of our cleaning employees are trained to use the most up to date machines and materials and understand the latest cleaning and maintenance procedures.

Training doesn’t simply include how to utilise devices, it also encompasses our staff operating in line with health and safety guidelines in addition to the storage and use of chemicals under COSHH. If cleaning agents are used that contain chemicals, the storage and mixing of these is critical to the safety of everyone within the area.

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